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Sarah is very aware of how important it is for many clients to keep participating in sporting activities. She works on the quickest route to ensure a speedy return to the clients activities.


We have empathy that it can be a central part of many clients lives. There are times when you need to rest. But what we advise this, we set goals and expectations for you to work with.


This can be a real motivator for many and speeds the recovery through frequent routines.


On occasion there will be a need to take time out of your sport to maximise recovery so that you can return pain free with confidence and strength. But this time out will be for the shortest period possible and there will be a mutually agreed plan for your return.


This can be hugely beneficial in team sports where you need more clarity on a date of return.

We will be looking for any underlying causes that led to the injury. By understanding your body through careful consultation, Sarah can often minimise any future recurrence of the injury.

Enabling you to live an active life.









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