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Sarah Johnson Physiotherapist

A passion for people.

 A highly skilled knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist. 

A highly knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist that finds a problem if there is one.

A consultant physiotherapist with 26 years of musculoskeletal experience. 20 years in private practice specialising in all aspects of acute and chronic pain.


Sarah gets to the root of the problem and does not only treat the symptoms. This prevents the reoccurrence of long-standing issues with many patients. Often resolving problems that patients have not had resolved in other practitioners care.

Sarah will give a diagnosis in the first assessment, helping a patient understand their problem.

She will then create a bespoke treatment plan that will quickly provide relief and improve quality of life both short term and in many cases long term.
Many people live with chronic pain and don’t realise that help can be given.


Often, the NHS cannot service maintenance treatment for such pain.


However, monthly sessions can really help in many cases. I have improved the quality of life for many that thought that there was no answer. Through regular, careful and bespoke interventions I have found that there can be a respite for many.


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