Are your symptoms like those below?

  • Pain at the front of the shoulder or down the side or the arm
  • Pain when the arm is lifted above the horizontal, either straight in front or up and out to the side.
  • Pain which normally goes as you stop the aggravating movement (However, the worse the problem becomes - the longer it takes for the pain to settle after the movements)

If you have answered YES to ANY of the above, you may be suffering from:

(Swimmers Shoulder / Throwers Shoulders)

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which is stabilised and supported by a group of 4 muscles called the rotator cuff. Impingement syndrome is when one or more of the rotator cuff tendons (where the muscle tissue inserts into the bone) become trapped in the shoulder joint. Common causes of impingement syndrome include repetitive overhead use of the arm (tennis, weights, swimming, cricket etc), or a traumatic incident such as a fall on the shoulder or outstretched arm. Repeated impingement can lead to inflammation and thickening which in turn can lead to more trapping of the inflamed tendon.

What can the athelete do?

  • Rest
  • See a Physiotherapist who can advise of treatment and rehabilitation
  • Gradually return to sport when pain has gone


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