Overuse and misuse are the two main causes of injury.

P Progress your exercise programme slowly
R Repetitive stresses must be developed slowly to allow the body to adapt to them
E Effective stretching is essential
V Vary your exercise programme - cross train if you can
E Everyday is too much, always have at least one rest day each week
N Never train if you are feeling unwell
T Training shoes should fit well and be replaced regularly
I Intake of fluids during and after training is very important and improves performance
O Oh yes! Warm up and cool down carefully 
N Know when to stop and when not to start

Illness, fatigue, pain and stiffness are warning signs - listen to them.

Trying to "run off" pain is unadvisable - rest and then seek advice if things don't improve.

Watch this space for further good advice on injury protection.

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